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OCUS is proud to acknowledge itself among the very few organizations in this industry which can claim to be debt free. When we say debt free, we mean an organization which is self sustained and highly resourceful. All our new as well as existing investments have been strategized with a comprehensive cash flow management plan so that the requirement of borrowed capital does not arise.

Fig 1.1

The past evinces the fact that during economic downturns the less debt a business holds, the greater the odds of that business surviving. And, when the economy is looking brighter, the debt-free business is in the strongest position to take advantage of the opportunities. Fig 1.1 draws a comparison between the Year on Year return for a Debt-free organization viz.a viz. a high-debt organization.

Where a high-debt company averages an year-on-year return of -6.9%, a debt-free company tallies up an average return of +18%.

Hence, it has been our endeavour to create substantial value for our investors not through borrowed funds, but, through persistent efforts to curtail overheads and increase cash flows in order to boost our ‘cash reserves’. This additional reserve ensures that the organization stays afloat even if the overall economic climate is not very favourable. At the same time, it gives us the freedom and the flexibility to explore other promising avenues and build upon our capabilities by investing in people, equipment and the latest technology.

Our business is stronger and more secure in uncertain times as long as it operates debt free.

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