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Real estate as a sector involves substantial investment for organizations. Not only in developing it but also to accommodate and support a range of amenities, considering the fast paced lives in cities today. Within those amenities is the owner or tenant organization’s core business, for which an appropriate environment must be created. Yet, no matter how well focused an organization might be on its core business, it must not lose sight of the supporting services – its non-core business.

Since, the running costs account for a significant part of annual expenditure, second only to payroll, it always makes sense to look for savings in non-core business areas. At OCUS Facility Management our focus is to minimize operating budgets and foster facility management at par with the organization’s core business. The distinction between its core business and non-core business (such as security, HVAC maintenance and cleaning) as part of the drive to deliver and achieve best value and customer satisfaction.

Managing a facility involves complex, coordinated processes and activities. Therefore, it is necessary to take an integrated view. A piecemeal approach to cutting costs is unlikely to produce the required savings and may harm yourorganization’s ability to deliver the most appropriate services. For facilities management to offer maximum support to core business activities, the organization must, therefore, recognize that cost and quality are inextricably linked and should not be considered separately.

Thus, facilities management can be described as something that will:

1. Deliver effective and responsive services;
2. Enable changes in the use of space in the future;
3. Sweat the assets, i.e. make them highly cost effective;
4. Create competitive advantage for the organization’s core business; and
5. Enhance the organization’s culture and image.


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